Our Expertise


“Project cargo” is a term used to broadly describe the national or international transportation of large, heavy, high value, or complex pieces of equipment. The oil and gas, wind power, mining, engineering, and construction industries are heavily involved in this level of transportation. Project cargo requires a detailed engineering process in order to stay within the projected budget, and be completed on time.

It can consist of multiple or single shipments, and can both cover a wide range of freight volume and cargo value. It can mean single or multiple pieces of equipment being transported from point A to point B, or various destinations over a period of time. It can move by land, sea, or air, and can involve trucks, rail, cranes, ships, barges and/or planes.

Project cargo is all about attention to details. RLEC does Pre-planning which is the crucial step that lead to efficient operations. Maintaining efficiency in such complex cargo operations is our main concern to eliminate risk and reduce costs . RLEC has a team of well trained and experienced people that can handle such services.


In the airline industry AOG can mean loss of revenue and annoyed customers. AOG services must have real-time tracking capabilities to access their around-the-clock customer service staff. Vast organisational networks are required to service all an aircraft's needs when in an AOG situation, operating in some cases 24 hours a day. It is a time-critical market and companies exist to take care of important AOG operations or sensitive aircraft parts shipments.

RLEC does this services with commitment to JIT delivery. RLEC rush operations such as AOGs, our team is clearly structured and organized to operate in shifts, on a 24/7 basis. We also adapt a clear hierarchical organization, with a nationwide single point of contact for the customer and a clear escalation process in the case discrepencies occurs. We find the quickest and most reliable solution to deliver a shipment in the shortest possible timeframe.


Local Government plans, develops and maintains key infrastructure for its communities. It provides and maintains infrastructure such as local roads, bridges, footpaths, water and sewerage (in some states), drainage, waste disposal and public buildings. Local Government also has planning responsibilities that affect the provision of infrastructure, whether by government or business. These responsibilities include rezoning of land, subdivision approval, town and environmental planning, development assessment and building regulation.

RLEC is committed to help the government achieve its goal for our country by supporting them with reliable logistics solutions from pick-up , shipping up to delivery wherever the project site is. Providing such services is RLEC contribution for the improvement of our Country.


The global warehousing concept has gained popularity over the last decade as stock pre-positioning becomes one of the strategies for ensuring a timely response to emergencies. They are usually purpose built or purpose designed facilities operated by permanent staff that has been trained in all the skills necessary to run an efficient facility or utilising third party logistics (3PL) staff and facilities. For such operations, organisations use, information systems that are computer based, with sophisticated software to help in the planning and management of the warehouse. The operating situation is relatively stable and management attention is focused on the efficient and cost effective running of the warehouse operation. Numerous organizations have centralized pre-positioning units strategically located globally. Some of these offer extended services to other humanitarian organizations on a cost plus operating charges basis.

RLEC provide said service in order to help our customers focus on their own competencies. We manage the warehouse based on their needs and quality requirements to achieve our common goal in regards to supply and demand process.


Distribution and logistics management is a critical company function. Professionals in this field play a key role in fulfilling customer demands, ordering and managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments, reducing cost, saving time, and meeting customer objectives. RLEC will not only show you how to create and operate a logistics function, but we will also help you achieve success through a combination of strategies and tactics.

With RLEC distribution services, we provide following advantages:

  1. Allows merchandise to be tracked from its source to the present location
  2. Helps identify every cost element that is associated with the movement of products
  3. Facilitates demand analysis for replenishment planning.
  4. Assists in the formation of sales analysis for market planning
  5. Helps further cross reference labeling, contract management and returned merchandise authorization
  6. Provides a very organized shipping system that assists in time and cost saving
  7. Helps provides order fulfillment flexibility using unparalleled resources for multi and single site operations


Pick and pack is a part of supply chain management process and is a service offered by many supply chain services provider. It is generally used in the retail distribution. In this, individual components of an order are picked or obtained from the individual orders and then repacked with the specific details such as shipping details and invoice in a separate carton or envelope ready for shipment.

  • We design your warehouse for efficiency.
  • We keep your warehouse well-organized.
  • We program your WMS for easy picking.
  • We double checked each order.
  • We keep an accurate inventory count.

With RLEC, we improve your system beyond the pick and pack process.


Rigging – when workers prepare equipment to be lifted by cranes, hoists or other material-handling machinery – is a common work process on shipyard and construction sites, among others. Performing rigging operations safely is critical.

Our services is in compliance with OHSAS standard and our team are well trained and fully certified to perform each duties.


RLEC has the experience to help you navigate the world of vessel chartering. We can provide charter services for routes not normally covered by commercial liners as well as for cargo that cannot be accommodated on conventional service. We secure the right type of vessel or aircraft to meet your specific cargo requirements.

We offer all types of vessel and aircraft chartering arrangements. Full or part. Consecutive voyage charters based on contract of affreightment and time chartering.